Geological Framework & Exploration


Geological framework & Exploration

The IMINI mining district is characterized by its extent over more than 30 km, it is sedimentary and stratiform deposit type. It is located in the Western part of the sedimentary basin of Ouarzazate which is sitting on  the South Atlas fault zone separating the High Atlas Mountain to the North and the Anti Atlas Mountain to the South.

The mineralization is distinguished by 3 layers (strata bands) :

Layer C1

Layer C2

Layer C3


Geological framework & Exploration

The mineralized layers are hosted in a Cenomanian Turonian dolomitic body sitting on an infra-Cenomanian continental detrital formations. The basement of the deposit is made up of a Paleozoic schists in the East part and Precambrian III rhyolites in the West part.

The IMINI deposit is characterized by :

– Existence of three mineralized layers (C1, C2 and C3)

– A particular geomorphology (change in thickness, closing of channels, etc.)

– Hydro-chemical erosion (karstification phenomenon)

– Flexible and rigid deformations.