The run-of-mine feeding the plant goes through several operations:

-Sampling and analysis for quality control of the ore

-Mechanical preparation of the product reducing its size followed by a screening operation

-Dry beneficiation of Manganese by a pneumatic separation unit classifying by particle size and density factors.


Quality Control

Quality control is done through the whole process from the mine development to the final product, including the extraction and the processing of ore.

SACEM has an equipped laboratory to monitor quality along the production process.



UF Product

Ultrafine high-grade with D80 particle size under 75µm and MnO2 grades from 74 to 92% (Mn from 48% to 59%)

GA Product

Coarse medium grade with D80 grain size  under 1mm and Mn grades from 35 to 44%

GG Product

Coarse high-grade with a grain size between 500 µm and 2 mm and a content of 74% MnO2