Social Commitment

Labour relations

Social dialogue frequently used as an invaluable action maintaining social stability in the mine.

Periodic meetings are held with representatives of SACEM’s and subcontracting’s personnel, the purpose of which is to review expectations on several topics, in particular on: developments in employment, social policy, training and development human capital, health and safety, etc.


Continuous rehabilitation of mining sites (OUGOUG, TIMKIT et BOUTAZOULT) at IMINI Mine,

Creation of cooperative in order to provide staff with adequate housing.

Hygiene and Safety

Implementation of a safety management system including the following aspects :

-Health and Safety Committee with an HSE facilitator and facilitators in each area

-Promotion of continuous training for SACEM’s and Subcontracting’s staff

-Installation of a fire-fighting system

-Geotechnical studies to further secure underground mining excavations

-Protection of excavated areas

-Maintaining Regulatory compliance of operating facilities

Clinic facility

SACEM provides its personnel at the mine and the inhabitants of the neighboring villages with a dispensary facility and a fully equipped ambulance to ensure the necessary first aid treatment in case of emergency and need.

In parallel, medical caravans and vaccination campaigns are organized occasionally.