– Equipment of the mine nursery and supply of same in the neighboring villages.

-Distribution of school supplies at the beginning of each year to the surrounding schools.


-Organization of end-of-school-year parties for nursery children.

-School transportation : Substantial aids for school transportation to help children in neighboring villages.

-Assistance with support courses for the benefit of students (primary and middle school).

-Organization of award ceremonies for A-Grade students in the surrounding region to promote excellency.

-Organization of cultural and sportive events in favor of the children of the neighboring villages.

Organization of summer camps for  the children of Imini.

Organization of visits to discover mining activity for children from local schools

Access to drinking water for neighboring villages: Participation in the construction and drilling of wells to facilitate access to drinking water.

Development of tracks and roads (suspended bridges, aprons, etc.), maintenance of drinking water access points, restoration of bridges and participation in the construction of mosques in neighboring villages.

Literacy actions for women in the villages surrounding the Imini mine.